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Welcome, I'm Katina Re-Nee, highly dedicated, passionate, skilled, and as most know, number one for the most natural looking eyelash extensions in the Washington DC, MD, and VA area. Here I take eyes and skin to the next level of beauty, using semi-permenant synthetic eyelash extensions and the best skincare products in the industry. Simply put, you get the most beautiful eyelash extensions and baby polished skin that you could ever have. Here I offer Xtreme ( known to be the number one brand in the US), Mink, and Eva eyelash extensions. Anyone of these brands of eyelash extensions will make you look and feel your absolute best. These eyelash extensions absolutely fit the budget and look of every career woman desiring to look her absolute best. Xtreme Eyelash Extensions (again well known as the number one eyelash extension brand in America), as well as the other styles offer the convenience of always being ready and polished, whether the look desired is very soft and elegant, or just a little dramatic for an evening out on the town, I am the expert you want to trust your look with. Reminder we also specialize in skincare which entails (facials, body hair removal, bikini, brazillian, and leg waxing, etc.) as well make up artistry.

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